Areas of interest in Krasnodar Territory

“If there is the paradise on the Earth, it is Krasnodar Territory” – such a slogan was once invented for popularization of recreation in the Kuban Region. However pretentious it may sound, but the region is really very rich in uniquely wonderful places in all its 38 municipalities. Most of them are located in littoral and mountain areas of the Territory.

Old Suspension Bridge. Goryachiy Klyuch (the Hot Spring).

Mostovsky district. The sanctuary area

Mostovsky district is one of the most attractive municipalities of Kuban; its significant part is within the boundaries of Caucasian biosphere sanctuary. This area is rich in archaeological monuments. Here remains of Neanderthal men were found which were regarded as the most ancient in the whole of Northern Caucasus. One of the largest dolmen sites of the territory is also located in these places.

Depths of the district are rich in reserves of treatment and table mineral waters. There is a lot of recreation centres with hot springs here, the unique composition whereof allows treatment and prevention of various diseases. But the healing effect can be obtained also from contemplating of local natural water bodies. One of the most known and beautiful is Kardyvach Lake. Of equal interest is Klumbochka Lake which is located at the height of 2485 meters on the northern slopes of Aishkha Ridge. From the first sight you will also be conquered with Alous Lake waters whereof are peculiar of pale-blue colour. It resemble an irregular figure-of-eight and occupies the area of 18 thousand square meters.

Mostovsky district is very popular among those who love active rest out-of-doors. Many tourists go there for horse riding, having acute sensations during jeeping, rafting down a mountain river and rock climbing. Near Psebay settlement there is a ski trail and the gathering spot of hang-glider pilots. One of the most beautiful Caucasian peaks is also located here: it is Tsakhvoa Mount which is very popular among tourists and alpinists. By the way, you can reach even Sochi from Mostovsky district by foot along tourist paths which pass over the mountains.

Mount Big Thach. Mostovsky district

Apsheronsky district. The Pearl of the Mountains

Another pearl of the Kuban region is Apsheronsky district which is famous for its beautiful landscapes. Guam Rift is one of its most picturesque places. This rocky canyon of the Kurdzhips River stretches from Lagonaki Plateau to Mezmay settlement. The rift is of a great scientific and environmental value. It is a habitat of many Red Book and endemic species. For example, many rare birds build their nests here, including the griffon vulture. The local relic Colchian flora is unique too. Slopes of the rift are covered with the yew-boxwood forest. In its beginning there is a spring with Serebryanaya (Silver) treatment water.

Among miraculous natural objects of the district there are Major and Minor Azish caves. They are located on the south of Azish-Tau Ridge at the height of about 1500 meters between valleys of Belaya (White) and Kurdzhips Rivers. The length of the Major Azish Cave is 640 meters, of them 220 meters are equipped for visitors. Tourists can observe astonishingly beautiful galleries and halls here. Some time ago speleologists found out that the both caves form a single system and there is the air cross flow between them. But one cannot go from one cave to the other, as the underground link about fifty meters long is clogged with lime stone debris.

The highest waterfall in Russia is located in Apsheronsky district, at the foot of the Fisht Mountain: it is called Pshekhsky. The distance from its lower point to the peak is two thousand meters. The best time for visiting this place is spring when the waterfall is full of water because of thawing of glaciers. Lagonaki ski resort which is located here is also extremely popular. Active rest in Apsheronsky district includes pedestrian mountain tours, horseback rides, rafting along mountain rivers (Pshekha, Kurdzhips and Belaya). This land is also famous for its hot springs with hydro carbonate waters. They have a favourable effect on many functions of a human body, let alone the support of liveliness and high spirits.

Alpine meadows. Apsheronsky district

Goryachiy Klyuch (the Hot Spring). The resort amidst a forest

This small city of Krasnodar Territory located at the northern foothill of the Western Caucasus received this name for right. Goryachiy Klyuch is one of the oldest spa resorts of the south of Russia: the first bath was opened here as early as in 1864.

One of the resort city’s visiting cards is Healing Park which does not possess clearly outlined borders and nearly converges with the forest in some places. The famous Mineral Glade is its heart: close by are wells of the springs wherefrom the water is supplied to the Balnery and Drinking Gallery. One of the most well-known springs is Aleksandrovsky, it’s here wherefrom the history of the resort began. Dante’s Rift begins from the Mineral Glade: it is a most picturesque tourist route of the city. The nice Iberian Chapel stands at the rift’s entry, and as you rise uphill, you’ll see ruins of the medieval fort Psyfabe on Petushok cliff.

Goryachiy Klyuch

Anapa. The sunny city

Anapa is one of the best-known marine resorts of the Kuban region. It is among the most sunny cities of Russia: here you may count up to three hundred cloudless days a year. Lovers of sun bathing appreciate it very much; however, you can visit Anapa not only in summer. There is a lot of other place for having a rest, apart beaches.

The centre of the city is just one continuous sightseeing. One can just mention the embankment with its unique flower compositions, the flower clock among them. Pionersky Avenue deserves an individual mentioning: it is Anapa’s longest street which stretches for 14 kilometers along the sea shore. On its both sides there are a lot of recreation houses, sanatoriums and recovery centres. There is also a new dolphinarium, oceanarium and free-of-charge well-rooms with mineral treatment water in Pionersky Avenue.

The nature of Anapa is beautiful during any season. The Bolshoy Utrish sanctuary which is located in the resort’s territory is of a special interest. It is the only place in Russia where the Mediterranean vegetation remained abundantly. Here we can see a dolphinarium and a mussel and oyster raising farm. Numerous tourists are also attracted by the valley of the Sukko River where they can see rare species of relic trees. As the legend says, it is here where Prometheus was enchained to a cliff by the order of angered Zeus.


Temryuksky district. The Cossacks’ land

Taman Peninsula bathed by the Black and Azov Seas is a great object of tourists’ interest. Here Temryuksky district is situated, one of centres of wince-making industry in the Kuban region. There is Fanagoria Agriculture Company here in Sennoy settlement whose products are known well outside Krasnodar Territory. The company received its name after an ancient Greek city which was found on these shores in the 6th century BC and was the Asian capital of Bospor Kingdom. Today Fanagoria is the largest antique monument of Russia, and on the place of its ancient settlement archaeological diggings are being conducted. Many of unique findings which were made here are kept in the museum of Taman village.

We would highly recommend you to visit Ataman exhibition complex located on the shoe of Taman Bay. It is historical reconstruction of a Cossack village which occupies the territory over 60 Ha. The main value of the exhibition complex is genuine documents, photos, instruments of labour, domestic objects of the late 18th – early 20th centuries. The place for Ataman was chosen deliberately: it is the place where first Cossacks disembarked on August 25, 1792 and the history of the modern Kuban region began. Of interest is also a fact that this open-air museum is located in the territory of a necropolis of the ancient city of Germonass - Tmutarakan.

Besides, there are about thirty mud volcanoes in Taman Peninsula. Masses of mud erupted from them possess healing properties, so thousands of people go here not only to look at this curious natural phenomenon but to recuperate their health as well. The most popular volcano is Tizdar which looks like a lake of mud.

Mud volcano. Temryuksky district

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