Sochi Car racing track

From April 27 to 30, FORMULA 1 – GRAND PRIX OF RUSSIA 2017 will be carried out in Sochi. The car racing track of Sochi, which is the most modern in Eastern Europe, will be the centre of everybody’s attention on those days.

Racing track

“Sochi Car Racing Track” is the only Formula-1 track in Russia. The federal budget spent 5.8 billion roubles for its construction.

The racing track 5848 meters long and 13 - 15 meters wide is laid along Olympic Park. There are 12 right turns and 6 left turns in it. Pilots have to cover 53 laps for a race.

Induction loops and transducers integrated into the pavement serve to measure the asphalt temperature. There are also devices for speed measuring which are built in the pavement and used to maintain statistics of races.

The maximum speed which can be reached by racers on straight-line sections is 320 km/h. The average speed of race cars is 215 km/h.

The first race

On October 12, 2014 the first “Royal Races” were conducted in the territory of Russia which was the 16th Grand Prix of Formula-1.

Daniil Kvyat was the only Russian racer there. He began the race from the 5th place and finished the 14th.

Lewis Hamilton, a British from Mercedes team, became the winner of the first Grand Prix of Formula-1 in the history of our country. It was Vladimir Putin who presented him the cup.


“Sochi Car Racing Track” is equipped with five stands which accommodate 55.000 persons. From them spectators can see the most eye-popping sections of the racing track.

Т2 Stand is named after Vitaly Petrov, the first pilot of Formula-1 in the history of Russia, and Т3 Stand is named after Daniil Kvyat, a famous Russian racer of Formula-1. It is located closer to the racing track than others.

Т3 Stand is named after Daniil Kvyat

Track days, Time Attack and Racing Taxi

Special track days are held at Sochi Car Racing Track. On these days, any willing person may ride on the racing track designed for Formula-1, by his/her own car for a certain fee.

For those who want to race on the track but only as a passenger, the racing taxi operates. The fares will depend on a class and brand of the car. For example, one lap by Renault Clio RS Sport III will cost 3.000 roubles and 9.500 roubles by Ferrari 458 Italia.


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