Sport Fan’s Reminder. Most essential things to do in Sochi

Sochi is a city one can’t resist falling in love with once you’ve visited it. It’s a caressing sea, velvet nights and surfs, mountains, wildlife paths and one of the best ski trails. Sochi is architecture, history and monuments. In a word, the city offers you a lot of impressions, various and accessible. Here is just a short list of the things really obligatory for each tourist in Sochi.

1. To take a commemorative photo on the background of century-old palm trees in Navaginskaya Street.

2. To have an excursion around the most northern tea plantations in the world, to taste it and stock up with it for your household.

3. To taste Sochi’s famous golden honey, preserves made of feijoa (pineapple guava), fig and tangerines, to buy a pack of nut churchhela in grape juice for youк relatives and yourself.

4. To have a dinner in one of restaurants of Caucasian cuisine, and certainly to order shashlik (shish-kebab), red sauce, Suluguni cheese and lavash from a tandoor.

5. To drink mineral water in one of Sochi’s well-rooms. You can find them, for example, by the Winter Theatre, in Riviera Park, or in Adler settlement near the oceanarium.

6. To have a yacht tour along the Sochi coast and enjoy picturesque mountains and the incredible panorama of the resort. In the Sea Port you can quickly hire a small vessel for a reasonable cost.

7. To have a ride on the “Firebird” which is the highest free fall tower in Russia; it is located in Sochi Park.

8. To embrace the yew-tree which is 1000 years old at least! This tree grows in the yew-boxwood grove in Khosta settlement.

9. To feel a real racer on curves of Sochi’s Formula-1 race track. You can have a heat by your own car or by a hired race car.

10. For sure, to come back to Sochi once again for making the above things once more!

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