Downtown Sochi

45 min.
3500 m.

Downtown Sochi is by right called the heart of the city. Here you can see the Winter Theatre, Sochi Beacon, or stroll along the famous embankment. Moreover, there are three transport terminals in the centre of the city: the passenger ship terminal, bus terminal and railway station. The architecture is extremely eclectic and original: from pre-revolution mansions and houses of Stalin’s epoch to modern hi-tech buildings. Thus, walking along Sochi’s main streets allows to look at this summer health centre from entirely different sides.

Route points

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    Building of Sochi Railway Station
    The building of Sochi railway station was re-built multiple times. The first edifice was erected in 1923, the second 16 years later. As for today’s scales of the building, they were reached only after the Great Patriotic War, more specifically in 1952. It is worth noting that, prior beginning of repair works, the pompous architectural plan with atriums, columns and high archways was personally approved by Iosif Stalin. Later on, the building of the railway station was entered into UNESCO’s Red Book and acknowledged to be one of the most beautiful in Europe. In 2012 regular railway traffic between the airport and the city’s downtown was launched in Sochi.
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    Passenger Ship Terminal
    The passenger ship terminal in Sochi, which is a creation of Stalin’s epoch, was built in 1955. A massive two-storey building is embroidered with a 70-meter tower whereon four male and four female sculptures are seating which personify the four cardinal directions and the four seasons of the year, respectively. Each year the port accepts vessels under most various flags: Turkey, Greece, Ukraine, Malta, Bahamas, England, France and others. Passenger piers can accept ships and yachts up to 220 meters long. An interesting fact: an episode of Soviet film “The Diamond Hand” was taken on film at the main deep-water pier for cruise lines of Sochi passenger ship terminal.
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    Festivalny Concert Hall
    Festivalny Concert Hall for 2500 spectators was opened in 1979. The honour to lift the curtain was given to Beryozka State Academic Choreographic Ensemble. Since that time, various entertainment concerts are held at the venue. On the scene you can see Russian and foreign performers and musicians, symphonic festivals, the yearly humour competitions “Summer Cup of KVN Club” are held here. In total, Festivalny was visited by about 7 million people during these years.
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    Sochi Beacon
    16-meter high Sochi beacon began to work in 1890 and at first played an important role in the life of the city. The signaling light (made in France, by the way) lighted the near-shore space and showed the way to ships. At present it is one of the oldest beacons in the Caucasian region. Moreover, this object is monitored by Ministry of Defense.
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    Cathedral of Saint Archistratigus Michael, or Mikhailovsky Cathedral
    The Cathedral of Saint Archistratigus Michael built in the late 19th century in memory to ending of the Caucasian War is the first Orthodox temple of the Black Sea circuit. The architecture of the temple combines the classic style and the southern colouring. In Soviet times it was closed and then re-equipped for a store house. The temple was returned to people of faith in 1944. During 1990s it was restored according to an original design.
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    Sochi Art Museum
    A big building wherein Sochi Art Museum is situated is regarded as a monument of the architecture of 1830s. Originally the building was designed for an administrative institution. The collection of the museum contains about six thousand exhibits, beginning from the antique epoch and ending with the Soviet times: painting, graphics, sculpture, etc.
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    Winter Theatre
    The Winter Theatre was opened in 1938 by Nicolas Rimsky-Korsakov’s opera “The Tsar’s Bride”. The floor of the house can accommodate almost one thousand people. The theatre is famous for Kinotavr International Fest which is conducted therein each summer. Specially for this event, the summer cinema is erected on the Theatre Square where competition films are shown for everyone interested free of charge.
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