Olympic Park

50 min.
4500 m.

Olympic Park will be the central place of resting and all possible entertainment during FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX OF RUSSIA 2017. It will be open for visits from 8.00 a.m. to midnight. During no-racing time spectators will be able to stroll along alleys of the park, visit museums, take photos against the background of Olympic objects and enjoy seeing and listening to vocal fountains. Our route will show the main objects of the park which are worth visiting.

Route points

  • 1
    Sochi Car Racing Track
    Sochi Car Racing Track is the only racing track in Russia wherein Formula-1 races were ever held. It goes around Olympic Park and has the total length about six thousand meters.
  • 2
    Sochi Auto Museum
    In Sochi Auto Museum you can have a visual acquaintance with the history of motor industry in our country. Over 100 exhibit items are presented at the exhibition: from models of 1930s when the Soviet motor industry had just begun and up to 1990s.
  • 3
    Sochi-Park is Disneyland a la russe. Start your journey from Alley of Fires. Here are ticket offices and Panoramic Wheel wherefrom you can see all items of the park. In “Hero-Knight Land” you can ride on the giant swings named “Ladya” (“Bark”); in “Magic Forest” you can rush by “Drifter” – it is a vehicle which rushes on rails with a tremendous speed. In “Seaside Kingdom” you can find “Lukomorye” – a mega sand box 500 sq.m, with the exhibition of sand figurines nearby. The highest and quickest roller coaster in Russia, “Sharolyot”, which resembles Russian mountains, is located in “The Land of Science and Science Fiction”.
  • 4
    Sochi Museum Exhibition Complex

    The exhibition complex consists of four museums.

    In the “Museum of the Ceremony of Opening the Olympic Games” there are practically all things connected with this event: decorations, sports equipment and even nine-meter-high symbols of the 22nd Winter Olympic Games: Hare, Bruin and Leopard.

    In “Mechanical Museum of Leonardo da Vinci” working models of his inventions are presented.
    “Electrical Museum of Nikola Tesla” performs shows for his visitors which is based on experiments of the great scientist.

    All exhibits of “Exhibition of Robotized Dinosaurs” move and roar. The mark of the museum’s pride is an eight-meter-high brachiosaurus.

  • 5
    Fisht Olympic Stadium
    Fisht Stadium is famous for his being an arena where ceremonies of opening and closing of the 22nd Winter Olympic Games in Sochi were held. The stadium was named after one of mountains of the Caucasian Ridge which it resembles in shape. It is designed for 40 thousand spectators and possesses four stands, two of them being open-air.
  • 6
    Shaiba Ice Arena
    The arena can accommodate 7.000 persons. About 400 places in the stands are designed for physically challenged spectators.
  • 7
    Grand Ice Palace
    Grand Ice Palace was the main hockey stadium during the 22nd Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. The total area of the building is 53 thousand square meters, where 12.000 persons can be accommodated. 9.9 billion roubles were spent for its construction.
  • 8
    Ice Cube Curling Centre
    It was built for conduction curling competitions. It is rather small in size in comparison with other Olympic objects, as it can accommodate just 3.000 spectators. Meanwhile, it has four levels. The first level accommodates an ice arena with six game tracks, and dressing-rooms for sportsmen. The next level accommodates spectators’ stands and VIP loges. In the territory of the centre there is also a football ground, with a fitness studio and restaurants inside the building.
  • 9
    Imeretinsky Port
    Imeretinsky Port in the estuary of the Mzymta River will be the next point of our journey. It was a point for delivering freights for construction of Olympic objects during the stage of preparation for the Winter Olympiad in Sochi. During the Games is was a point for arrival of international cruise liners. Regattas are constantly conducted in its water areas which you can observe from the shore.
  • 10
    On-shore Olympic and Paralympic countries
    The Olympic country is a place where athletes, trainers, servicing and technical personnel from various countries lived during the 22nd Winter Olympic Games. At present Imeretensky Resort district is located on this place. Routs of the public transport are scheduled on its territory; there are resting places and an individual embankment which continues up to the Abkhazian boundary.
  • 11
    Adler Arena Skating Racing Centre under roof
    Adler Arena is an oval-shaped skating 400-meter stadium with two tracks. 8000 spectators can see competitions. During the Olympiad, 13 records of the skating rink and 7 Olympic records were achieved on the ice of this skating centre.
  • 12
    Iceberg Winter Sports Palace
    Iceberg is located in the coastal cluster. During the Olympiad, figure skating and short track competitions were held there. Its capacity is 12.000 places. Inside there is an ice arena 60 X 30 meters and a skating rink for exercises. It is of interest that Iceberg can be easily retrofitted for summer sports competitions, for instance, ballroom dances.
  • 13
    Vocal fountains
    You can see the fountain show in the park in the evening only when the bawl of the Olympic Fire is converted into a fountain equipped with 252 cannons. They shoot up with colourful water jets from 30 to 70 meters high. It is the place where the Olympic fire was ignited.
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